Lube Oil Distributer


LUKOIL is now the third largest privately held oil company in the world.

With a presence in more than 125 Countries and producing over 700 Lubricants in the portfolio, Lubricants are a crucial component o LUKOIL’s business, designed to meet and exceed the most advanced operating requirements and specifications for all Marine machinery. These include Marine Lubricants for Low Sulphur Fuels.

CAPE SHIPPING SERVICES LTD has large stocks of all the grades of LUKOIL Marine Lubricants used held in our various warehouses

We supply are large number of New Zealand operated vessels and International companies who have vessels working in, or call through New Zealand.

LUKOIL Product can be supplied in bulk (By Pumping Lube Oil Onboard) or smaller quantities such as by Drums or Pail to meet all client’s requirements.

Most Lube Oil transfers take place in Auckland but CAPE SHIPPING SERVICES LTD arranges Lube Oil transfers and supply to all ports in the North Island of New Zealand.

We can supply to South Island Ports on application

LUKOIL have innovative products, such as the environmentally friendly stern tube and Bow thruster lubricants

CAPE SHIPPING SERVICES LTD   can supply your vessel or Truck with quality Lubricants at a competitive cost along with the excellent, reliable services we have been able to supply provide to our clients, backed up with professional technical support.

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